Goals of Ministry

It is important to realize that the purpose of Faith Presbyterian Church finds expression in four main goals.  These goals 1) indicate specific areas in which reaching and equipping take place, and 2) enable us to assess in tangible ways whether or not our purpose in ministry is accomplished.  Our goals help evaluate whether an individual is moving towards or away from Christ and His Church, and guide us in helping them love and serve Christ and His Church.  

Growth in Grace

People are growing in knowledge and grace through the means of grace (reading of the Word, preaching and teaching of the Word, prayer, sacraments, and worship).

Mission and Evangelism

People are using their gifts for reaching others and growing in their concern for the lost, here and throughout the world.  

Fellowship and Service

People are experiencing genuine involvement with other Christians and responding to those in need.

Biblical Worldview

People are developing a view of life, which relates everything to God and His word.