Principles of Ministry

These Principles are the heart of what we are trying to communicate to our people.  These are "the fundamentals" that will keep us on track as we attempt to reach and equip men and women.  


God speaks through His Word, He inspires His communication to us.  What He says is infallible and inerrant.  Therefore we should listen to Him and respond in faith and live lives that are deeply devoted to Him and His purposes.  All of the Scriptures are ultimately about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the full revelation of God.  

Union with Christ

By grace through faith in Jesus Christ, a person is actually united to Christ.  All that Jesus Christ has accomplished and secured through his life, death, and resurrection is shared with the believer by virtue of this union.  


An act of God's free grace, in which He pardons all our sins and judges us to be righteous, due to Jesus Christ's righteousness imputed to us, when we receive Him by faith alone.  


The process by which God makes us what He wants us to be, how this growth occurs, and the proper place of good works in the Christian life.


The fulfillment of the work of God in us, where He perfects us in holiness and brings us into perfect fellowship with Himself, when Jesus Christ comes again.