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Exploring Membership


Every 6 months, we offer an Inquirers Class for visitors seeking know more about the Gospel, our church, and our denomination.  It meets on Sunday mornings, at 9:30am, for three weeks.  If you are interested in becoming a member, we would like you to attend this class and meet with one or more elders to share your testimony of God's grace to you through Jesus Christ.  Then, with the recommendation of one or more elders, the Session would vote to receiveyou  you as a member of Faith Presbyterian Church.  Finally, you would be encouraged to stand before the congregation and make a public declaration of faith by accenting to the membership vows.  If you have not been baptized, you will receive this sign and seal of God's covenant love before making your vows.  


All children of church members, regardless of their age or profession of faith, are members of Faith Presbyterian Church.  This is because God's covenant promises are for his people, their children, and their children's children.  However, prior to a child being effectually called by God and receiving the gift of faith in Christ, they are noncommuning members.  Children with a credible profession of faith, determined by their parents and one are more elders, are granted access by the Session to the Lord's Supper.  About every 6 months, we offer a Communicants Class for children who are ready to take this step.  

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