Small Groups for Adults  

One vital avenue of ministry at Faith Presbyterian Church is our Small Group ministry.  When members and visitors meet in groups of 8-12 people, they are able to grow in ways that are not possible at our weekly worship service.  By participating in a small group, you are able to ask questions, discuss the Scriptures, build friendships, and pray for one another.  It is in the context of small groups that community is built and nourished.  

Sunday Morning

9:30am - 10:15am

Faith Conversations (6th grade & up):

This fall semester, we’re trying something NEW. Instead of having formal Sunday School classes, we are using this time to focus on getting to know one another better.  At 9:30 am, youth and adults join together in the Commons for good coffee and conversation.  Every Sunday morning, there are 5-6 round tables set up, with coffee (regular and decaf) and hot water for tea.  Conversation Guides are provided each week.  The Guide has just two questions:

  • Get-to-Know-You Question – Sometimes people need help breaking the ice with folks they don’t know.  Each week we have a different question to prompt sharing and connecting. 

  • Sermon Primer Question – We also provide the sermon text and an interpretation or application question to be discussed.  The question will be answered in that morning’s sermon. 

Every 3rd Sunday of the month, we sign up to bring breakfast foods to share.  This is a great time of cross-generational fellowship and a time to build deeper friendships. 

Sunday Evening

Ping Group  meets at Charlie and Rosie Ping's home every Sunday at 6:00pm.

Contact Peck Mallory for more details [256-239-9351].


Men's Morning Group  meets at Panera (Golden Springs) every Tuesday at 7:00am.

Contact Peck Mallory for more details [256-239-9351].


Commons Small Group  is for families with children.  Meets in the Commons

(FPC's Fellowship Hall) every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 5:30pm.

Contact Grant Carroll for more details [601-421-1277].

Jones/Weaver Group meets alternately in the Jones and Weaver homes every Wednesday at 6:15pm.

Contact Chip Jones for more details [803-394-0302].